'Kings & Queens - William The Conqueror to HM King Charles III' Illustrated Timeline - SCHOOLS' EDITION. PACK OF 20: £70. PACK OF 10: £36

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King Charles III is the 41st sovereign in 940 years to accede the throne.

This illustrated timeline is an essential guide to the lives and keys events of Kings and Queens from William The Conqueror to HM King Charles III - tracing their story from the Normans to the House of Windsor.

At almost a metre long when unfolded, it will give your students a unique perspective through a millennium of history.

A wealth of student-friendly features makes the 'Kings and Queens Timeline' ideal for classroom use.

  • Clear, accessible text by a leading authority on royal history that fully meets Key Stage 3 curriculum requirements
  • Bitesize historical headlines that promote concept-checking fun quizzes for the whole class
  • Paragraphs detailing historical fact and context that allow structured exercises in written analysis and recall
  • Chronologically arranged photographs from the royal archives to provide a platform for verbal reflection and discussion
  • 10 high-quality A4 gloss-laminated pages, in a robust concertina-style format, enabling repeated use
  • Students will speed-learn about an entire period in just two to three lessons 

• An exclusive Memory Lane publication

• Size closed: 195mm x 300mm (approx A4)

• Size open: 980mm x 300mm