'HM Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life & Reign' Illustrated Timeline - SCHOOLS' EDITION. PACK OF 20: £70 INC VAT. PACK OF 10: £36 INC VAT.

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At almost a metre long when unfolded, our unique 'Queen Elizabeth II Illustrated Timeline' not only documents and commemorates HM the Queen’s entire reign, it will give your students a unique perspective on British history across seven momentous decades.

Topical events such as the Jubilee always provide an invaluable entry point to the study of broader historical issues.

A wealth of student-friendly features makes the 'Queen Elizabeth II Timeline' ideal for classroom use.

  • Clear, accessible text by a leading authority on the post-war era that fully meets Key Stage 3 curriculum requirements
  • Bitesize historical headlines that promote concept-checking fun quizzes for the whole class
  • Paragraphs detailing historical fact and context that allow structured exercises in written analysis and recall
  • Chronologically arranged photographs from the royal archives to provide a platform for verbal reflection and discussion
  • 10 high-quality A4 gloss-laminated pages, in a robust concertina-style format, enabling repeated use
  • Students will speed-learn about an entire period in just two to three lessons 
  • Can also be gifted to students as a memento of their learning and of an unprecedented event in Britain’s history - the Platinum Jubilee itself!


• An exclusive Memory Lane publication

• Size closed: 195mm x 300mm (approx A4)

• Size open: 980mm x 300mm