CD: Douglas Bader's Royal Air Force. GLMY114

CD: Douglas Bader's Royal Air Force. GLMY114

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1968 saw the 50th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force. In a few decades the new service had moved from planes of wood and canvas, held together by bits of string and driven by iron engines, to futuristic visions of aluminium and plastics that blasted themselves to the edge of space.  Group-Captain Douglas Bader, arguably the most famous British flyer of the second World War, offers fascinating insight into many of the great aircraft of the Royal Air Force's illustrious past - from propeller to supersonic jet.  Thrill at 19 classic British warplanes captured in breathtaking stereo sound, with captivating commentary by an RAF flying legend.


Avro 504, Rotary engine blipping (Shuttleworth Collection); Crossley Tender and Hucks Starter (Shuttleworth Collection); Bristol Fighter, Engine starting and in flight (Shuttleworth Collection);  Hawker Fighter 1930, Roll-Royce 12 cylinder engine De-Havilland Tiger-Moth in flight (Shuttleworth Collection); Hawker Hurricane, Engine starting (RAF, Coningsby); Supermarine Spitfire, Engine starting and tick-over (RAF, Coningsby); Hawker Hurricane & Supermarine Spitfire in flight (RAF, Coningsby); Supermarine Spitfire, beating the aerodrome up (RAF, Coningsby); Avro Lancaster, in flight (RAF, Coningsby);  Avro Lancaster, taxying (RAF, Coningsby); De-Havilland Mosquito, in flight (RAF, Coningsby); Gloster Meteor, in flight (RAE, Farnborough) Vulcan Bomber, in flight (RAF, Scampton); Victor Bomber, in flight (RAF, Scampton); Valiant Bomber, in flight (RAF, Scampton); Vulcans and Victors, take-off (RAF, Scampton); Hawker Hunter, in flight (RAE, Farnborough); English-Electric Lightning, in flight with re-heat (RAF, Wattisham); The Red Arrows (Folland Gnats) in flight (Coltishall);  English-Electric Canberra, in flight (RAE, Farnborough); Westland Wessex, helicopter in flight (RAF, Manston); Vickers Varsity, taxying (RAF, Lyneham);  Vickers VC10, in flight (RAF, Lyneham).  

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